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The Unofficial Mugglenet.com Harry Potter Community is dedicated to the brilliance and sheer magic of the "Harry Potter" books, movies, etc. Come join, and share interests, questions, comments, news, pictures, fan fiction, fan art, discussions, and anthing else.

I made this community for Harry Potter fans from all different places to come together, talk, and discuss news. The main source of news comes from fantastic site mugglenet.com and that is precisely why I named it that. I don't claim to have any part of hierarchy with mugglenet.com.

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From this point on i'm going to ask that all intro's be put behind a cut, or in comments. I love seeing them and reading them, but the reason I ask this is because flists are becoming flooded and it is overwelming for members to find what they are looking for on them. Also, if there is something important that is posted, it may be overlooked. I would hate to see members leave due to this reason. I encourage you all to post anything on topic that you want. And that is why I ask this favor of you. So that when a post is made, it can be read and commented on.


All spoilers must be put under a cut until further notice. All spoiler posts must be made perfectly clear that by clicking on the link below it, there will be a spoiler. You can type it, or use banners and icons. All members who break the rules will be definitely warned, and face possible expulsion from muggle_net. I know this may sound harsh, but think of how you would feel if the story was ruined for you.

This spoiler rule was put into effect before The Half Blood Prince came out. Although it has been a while since the book was released, I think that the rule has only had a positive affect on the community. Spoilers, which are usually long, are placed under cuts. This adds some ease to locating posts in the community. I also ask that all predicitions and movie spoilers be placed under cuts until further notice.

Live Journal Cuts

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows how to make a cut.

When making a cut, you use this tag: make sure you take out astericks

<*lj-cut text="Cut off here"*>

your text


All text posted inside (your text) them will be put into the cut. All text above will be seen in the post. If you want your cut to say something, you simply remove Cut off here, (make sure you keep the " 's) and type what you want it to say. ex:

ex: <*lj-cut text="SPOILER!!!!!!"*>text<*/lj-cut>

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Hi Everyone,

I felt it necessary to make a bulletin post about Hurricane Katrina and the horrific problems it has caused many people recently. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by this devastating tragedy. Many women, men, and children have already been lost and many at this very moment fight to rebuild their lives. Homes destroyed and lives completely torn apart in such a short amount of time. People just like all of you are facing problems completely unimaginable. People that are possibly and probably in this very community. People you have talked to and discussed things with may be alone with nothing else to loose. It is at times like these that we must appreciate what we have and bond together to help others. Keep them in you heart and never let them slip from your thoughts.

If you would like to donate some money to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, click on the link below. All the money donated goes to the Red Cross to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. No donation is too big and no donation is too small. Every dollar counts.

To donate online click here.

To donate over the phone or for more information, call 1-800-HELP NOW

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Advertising is not encouraged, but it is still allowed. If you do post an advertisement, the moderator reserves the right to delete it at any time. I also ask that if I do allow an advetisement to stay, do not advertise it agian. If you do, it will be deleted.

Please try and be nice to each other. Responses and helpful criticism are ok, but please try not to be downright mean. It's rude and hurts others feelings.

Try and keep all posts on topic. Muggle_net is a very busy community, and off topic posts are strongly frowned upon. If you are not sure about your post, please contact a moderator first.

If you have any problems with anything concerning the community, please contact a moderator. Moderators have the final say on all issues. If there is something urgent that needs to be dealt with immediately, email us at either houseelffan@yahoo.com or mugglenetmod@yahoo.com We check them A LOT, and your email should be read the same day you send it. Please do not post personal issues in the community. If you have a problem with another member being rude or mean to you for instance, please tell us and we will deal with the issue. If you have an issue with the community, please email us. Mod's are talked about like were some kind of monster that everyone is afraid of. But there is no need to fear me. We are friendly Mods and fellow Harry Potter fans. I may be your Mod, but im also your friend. :)

Agian, I would just like to say that the moderator reserves the right to delete any post at any time. If your post is deleted it is probably breaking one of the community rules. I will most likely tell you why it was deleted in a comment.

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