A New Communitry Seeking Submissions


potterclippings is seeking submissions!

potterclippings is a new community dedicated to the collecting and archiving of Harry Potter related ephemera. We are primarily interested in newspaper and magazine articles, but also include movie ticket stubs, pamphlets, bookmarks and postcards in the archive.

Do you have a collection of Harry Potter articles and ephemera? We accept submissions of scans and GOOD QUALITY photos to add to the archive. Sorry, but we DO NOT accept fan art, fic, icons, advertisements or other graphics in this community.

Check out the profile page of the community for our mission statement and submissions guidelines.

You can also find Potterclippings on blogspot--->http://potterclippings.blogspot.com/

And on tumblr--->http://potterclippings.tumblr.com/

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Pimping! HP Winter Podfic Fest!!

If you are not familiar with podfics, think audio books only fanfic and free! Please consider giving it a try! It's easy and a whole lot of fun. There are also plenty of donated fics for you to check out and use for recording if you don't have an HP winter-themed story. Plenty of them are quite short, if you just want to stick your toe in and test the waters.

HP Podfic Fest

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Timeline and Rules

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